12th December, 2022

3 Disadvantages of Traditional Wooden Patio Furniture

Many homeowners love the aesthetics of outdoor wooden furniture, but many don’t understand the downside of natural wood. Before you purchase any chairs or tables, learn about the disadvantages of traditional wooden patio furniture and why you should consider alternative materials below.

Water Absorbent

Everyone understands that since wood is an organic material, it naturally absorbs as much moisture and water as possible. For furniture that’s going to spend most of its life outside, exposed to rain and water, wood is not an ideal material.

Wood furniture requires special sealants and chemical treatments before being placed outside the conditions. Without proper maintenance, wood furniture would swell, splinter, and succumb to dry rot quickly. Other outdoor furniture materials, like HDPE plastic, are completely waterproof, so there could be a monsoon outside and it wouldn’t affect the plastic furniture.

Faded Sun Damage

Along with being vulnerable to water, outdoor furniture made of wooden materials is also vulnerable to sun damage. Practically everyone has seen wooden furniture exposed to the sun for years, discoloring the surface and causing the paint to fade and crack.

Some people like the sun-faded look of exposed wood on outdoor furniture, but if you plan on painting the furniture a color, it’s likely to require refinishes over time. Repainting and refinishing are other additional expenses that owners must consider when opting for wooden outdoor patio furniture.


Traditional wooden outdoor furniture is also one of the most expensive materials homeowners can choose. Quality wood is expensive, and crafting it into a solid and excellent future piece requires a lot of labor and skill.

Plus, the maintenance costs for outdoor wooden furniture are much more than other materials like plastic or metal. As we mentioned, wood requires special treatments and sealants to keep moisture out. These sealants and treatments are costly, and if water does get in, it could cause swelling, cracks, and splintering. Plus, even with all the necessary maintenance and repairs, wood furniture is still less likely to last as long as metal or plastic furniture.

We hope our guide has been informative in showing the disadvantages of traditional wooden patio furniture and why you should consider other materials like HDPE. As an HDPE lumber supplier, we’d be happy to help you find outdoor furniture that best fits your needs!

Get in touch with our expert staff if you have questions about our HDPE materials, and find the ideal outdoor furniture for your home!