07th December, 2017

Weather the Storm with Smarter Lumber

What do Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria all have in common?

All of these tropical storms occurred in the 2017 Hurricane Season and are considered “major hurricanes”, identified as a category 4 or higher. This hurricane season saw seventeen named storms in total. Some hurricane seasons are more active than others, and 2017 proved to be a very active season.

Not only has this activity brought financial challenges to the United States, with damages reaching over $200 billion, it also affects our environment in a big way. After the storm, the reparations are endless – both physical and emotional.

What’s the Damage?

While every hurricane is different, one commonality is the environmental damage left behind. Due to high wind speeds and heavy rainfall, hurricanes cause a huge disturbance in wooded ecosystems by destroying animal habitats. It also infiltrates oceans and lakes with debris, destroys houses, businesses and heavily impacts the lives of those inhabitants.

FEMA reports that 28.5 million people were affected by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and over 4.7 million disaster survivors registered for assistance from FEMA. While the damages will take years of recovering and rebuilding, FEMA continues to support affected governments and survivors.

It’s Time to Rebuild and Repair

Rebuilding the physical damage that hurricanes leave behind is often on the top of the priority list. These projects take years to complete, and finding better solutions that can withstand these events must be taken into consideration.

Bedford Technology understands the impacts that hurricanes have on the environment, and offers many solutions that will have lasting effects. Our plastic lumber solution acts as great alternatives to wood, metal and concrete. It doesn’t rot or splinter, and while it cuts, drills and installs like wood, plastic lumber can withstand extreme environments. With five product lines: SelectForce®, FiberForce®, BarForce®, SeaPile® and SeaTimber®, finding the right product for your specific project need is a breeze.

So, What’s Next?

One thing that is for certain is that hurricanes are inevitable. In the last 20 years, there have been over 60 hurricanes that have affected the continental United States, causing billions of dollars of damage.

It’s almost impossible to prepare for the damage that a hurricane can cause. When the time comes to rebuild and repair, consider plastic lumber and help prevent future damage.

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