23rd November, 2020

Tips for Choosing Composite Decking

Building decking out of composite lumber can be a smart choice, because it has the beneficial features of wood without its high maintenance needs. This is because composite lumber is made of plastic, so it withstands all kinds of weather and temperatures. You do not need to worry about insects eating away at it, either. Nevertheless, you should consider a few factors as you look at your options. These tips for choosing composite decking will help you make the right choice for your purposes.

Think About the Heat

Unlike wood, which you must paint different colors, manufacturers can create composite lumber in a variety of hues. This gives you the freedom to choose from wood-like browns, neutral grays, and bright primary colors as well. However, you should remember that some darker colors may become hot in warmer regions and during the summer in the northern areas. For this reason, you should go with HDPE lumber, as this plastic does not absorb heat regardless of the color.

Consider the Amount of Water Exposure

Plastic lumber will not decay when it becomes wet, but it can become slippery. For many people, this is not ideal. If your climate tends to have a lot of rain and snow or if you want a pool near your deck, you should avoid smooth composite materials. The good thing is that plastic lumber providers like Bedford Technology make products with water in mind. While scanning through the offerings on the market, pay attention to texture. Composite decking boards that have heavy texturing will not become slick when they get wet, and they may be more viable for you.

Decide on the Material Composition

An additional tip for choosing composite decking is to decide on its specific material composition. There are composite materials made of various plastics, and some have wood pieces mixed in to give them a more natural appearance. For a greater degree of sturdiness in your structural composite lumber, you can also find options that include fiberglass pieces. Going for this type will allow your decking to bear greater loads and remain unshaken by physical forces.