23rd April, 2020

Sustainable Solutions for your Agriculture Operation

Farming is an essential part of the United States economy and time spent upkeeping or replacing materials is time that could be spent on more important parts of the farming operation. Traditional building materials used in agriculture often break down, can harbor dangerous bacteria, and ultimately requires more time and money to repair and maintain. Using wood in agriculture applications requires painting, staining, chemicals, and disinfectants to fight off bacteria that can be harmful to animals. Recycled plastic lumber is a sustainable alternative that will prove to maximize the outputs of all agriculture operations by reducing the time and money spent on repairing, replacing, and upkeeping materials.

What Is Recycled Plastic Lumber?
Bedford Technology’s plastic lumber is a low-maintenance building material that has been used in a variety of agriculture applications. Plastic lumber requires no painting or staining and is manufactured with UV inhibitors to ensure the color will not fade over time. Plastic lumber drills, cuts, and secures like traditional wood, allowing for an easy installation. Equipped with a 50-year warranty, Bedford Technology lumber is a multi-generational product that will save valuable time and money in any agricultural operation. Plastic lumber is the greener, smarter building alternative due to its low-maintenance requirements, durability, eco-friendly properties, and simple installation. 

Agricultural Applications 
Bedford Technology plastic lumber has been used in a wide variety of agricultural applications. Vineyard systems, fencing systems, and even potato flumes have benefited from using our plastic lumber products. Additionally, our lumber was used for a one-of-a-kind floating chicken coop!

Unlike traditional building materials, our lumber does not require chemical treatment to be longlasting, so it doesn’t leach any harmful chemicals to animals, crops, or the environment. Our lumber will also not rot, splinter, or decay in moist environments; making it extremely versatile for many different environments. Furthermore, plastic lumber is more sanitary than other traditional materials because it doesn’t harbor bacteria and can be cleaned with soap and water.  Plastic lumber is also a great alternative for fencing applications. Whether it is a ranch-rail, equine fencing, paddock, or stable, you can be confident in choosing a product that won’t break down. Choose plastic lumber and you will have a reliable material that will save you time, money, and be better for your animals and the environment.