22nd November, 2021

High-Density Polyurethane vs. Aluminum Fencing

There are many materials to consider for any fencing project. For the purposes of this guide, it’s important to compare two materials widely used in residential and commercial properties: high-density polyurethane and aluminum. Check out the pros and cons of high-density polyurethane vs. aluminum fencing to see which is the superior choice.

High-Density Polyurethane

High-density polyurethane foam, also known as HDU, is a recent innovation for construction materials. Made from recycled urethane materials, HDU products have great strength, resilience, and versatility for many different applications. They can withstand various temperatures and climates due to the closed-cell composite polymers. Available in a wide range of thicknesses, densities, and sizes, you can order specific dimensions to fit your fencing application. HDU products are also a greener option than aluminum due to their makeup of recycled urethane components.


Aluminum is a traditional material used for fencing. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, this material is strong, durable, and traditional. Aluminum fencing fits the shape and desire of most traditional fencing applications, so there’s little issue regarding its lifespan or potential for mold growth. Of course, aluminum fabrication is not as versatile as HDU, so there’s also less customization. Despite this, many people opt for aluminum because it’s easy to install and low-maintenance.

Which Is Better?

Naturally, when deciding between high-density polyurethane vs. aluminum fencing, there are pros and cons to both. HDU fencing is economical, customizable, and optimal for security and longevity. There’s no maintenance because it does not crack, splinter, or break unless exposed to extreme temperatures. It’s also environmentally friendly. Still, for some people, tradition is everything. Homeowners may choose aluminum over high-density polyurethane due to its longevity, low cost, and easy installation. However, these homeowners may find that aluminum fencing does not provide as much security or privacy as HDU fences. Aluminum fences are an attractive barrier but do not conceal much given their openness and lightweight design. Therefore, high-density polyurethane is the optimal choice.

If you’re looking for high-density polyurethane plastic fence boards for your home or business, look no further than Tangent Materials. At Tangent, we sell recycled HDPE plastic lumber that’s perfect for any fencing application. While traditional materials break down over time, HDPE lumber does not succumb to those same issues, making it a superior, affordable option for any homeowner. Whether it’s for post and rail, privacy, equine, or livestock, composite lumber is the viable solution.