21st May, 2020

Different Types of Removable Docks

When installing a dock in an area with more severe seasonal changes, you may want to go with a removable type. Removable docks are less burdensome to set up, and they can also be easily moved away from the water. This is useful when freezing waters could damage them in the winter, for instance. You can simply remove the dock from the spot in which it stands and store it (or its components) until it’s needed once again. Understandably, this mobility means that removable docks are usually on the smaller side, fit for residential use as opposed to commercial. We describe the different types of removable docks here.

Floating Docks

Floating docks lack legs completely, instead floating on top of the water. They’re held in place by an attachment to the shore, but other than that, they’re not grounded in a fixed position. Sealed modules or barrels filled with air commonly hold them up from underneath the deck. Since floating docks follow the rise and fall of the water, they naturally adapt to variations in water level or tide. Furthermore, in deeper waters where placing down posts is difficult, you can choose a floating dock for its easy above-water installation.

Pipe Docks

Pipe docks are supported by aluminum pipe legs, which provide good weight support while remaining lightweight and simple to move. Pipe docks are great for shallower and more consistent waters where the surface doesn’t change too much. In order for them to remain stable, however, you must make sure the shore and bottom of the water are even and not prone to too much shifting, since the dock’s legs merely rest on top of the water’s bottom instead of burrowing into it.

Wheel-In Docks

Of the different types of removable docks, wheel-in docks truly take mobility into high priority. They possess aluminum frames similar to those of pipe docks, but wheels are attached to the bottom ends of their legs. You can therefore push or pull the dock in and out of the water, even choosing how far out you want it to extend at any given time. Another similarity they share with pipe docks is that your body of water needs to have a firm, even bottom on which the wheeled legs can sturdily rest.

When constructing a removable dock, you need to select the right decking materials to complete its look and make it fit for use. Choose Tangent materials’s marine-grade lumber for a material that can inherently stand up to water and sun exposure without weakening. Contact us today, and visit our website for more information.