09th December, 2019

Advantages of Using Artificial Turf Boards

If you intend to treat an outdoor area roughly, but you still want the natural look of grass, you can use artificial turf. While you don’t have to worry about keeping it alive and uniform with watering, trimming, and pesticide spraying, you do need to find a way to hold the sheets in place so that it doesn’t shift and people walking on it don’t trip. This is where turf boards come in. They provide a surrounding barrier around the artificial turf so that soil doesn’t erode out from under it and the nails that keep it from moving don’t loosen. Of the different kinds of turf boards that you can implement, artificial turf boards are perhaps the strongest variety. We explain the advantages of using artificial turf boards.


Originally, the boards used to hold synthetic turf in place were made of normal wood treated with chemicals to make them last longer. Even then, they had a maximum lifespan of about 8 years. The natural processes of degradation eventually renders wood ineffectual as it breaks apart and dries into a brittle state, so it will no longer keep artificial turf in place.

Artificial turf boards do not suffer from this problem, as moisture does not affect them, and they will not crack or rot. This allows them to withstand relentless weather conditions. In addition, they accommodate high heat or cold, and if they’re installed correctly, they will stay intact and in place if their material expands and contracts.


Since artificial turf boards are made of plastic, they’re inherently more flexible than traditional wood, and they can fit with a wider range of shapes easily. If the turf space you must enclose has rounded edges, the boards can be bent to fit with no concern over possible irregularities or looseness that could compromise their function.

Environmentally Friendly

Artificial turf boards are also eco-friendly because they’re made of recycled plastic that would otherwise contribute to landfills. In that environment, its resistance to degradation would do harm. By taking this resilient property and repurposing the material for productive use in turf boards, the plastic can have a positive impact on the environment rather than serving to pollute it. Using artificial turf boards also means you can help mitigate an overreliance on trees as a landscape building resource.

Now that you know some of the benefits of artificial turf boards, you may wonder where to find them. If you’re in this situation, Tangent is the right place to look. We provide plastic landscape lumber you can use to smoothly integrate artificial turf into your chosen yard or field.