28th April, 2019

4 Reasons Why Plastic Fences Make Good Neighbors

polywood lumberEvery fencing system is designed, planned, and built with the long-term in mind. They’re meant to set boundaries, protect pedestrians, and remind drivers where the barrier is between the road and a hill.

However, common products that are used in fencing systems such as wood or metal can erode over time, which can make a fence a much larger long-term investment than originally planned. The good news is polywood lumber is a great solution to the high maintenance costs of wood and metal fences.

Here are four benefits to using plastic wood fencing systems rather than traditional fence materials:

  1. You save money on repair costs. Both wood and metal building materials need to be replaced approximately every 20 to 30 years to combat with weather-related damage, rot, and rust. But recycled plastic lumber can hold up in extreme elements and doesn’t decay in warm temperatures when there’s moisture.
  2. You don’t need to provide as much maintenance. Wood and metal fence systems require upkeep and repairs to keep rot and rust at bay. Recycled plastic fencing can be almost forgotten about once you build it. The installation process is much more simple and you don’t need to visit the site to make repairs periodically.
  3. Plastic fences are easier to assemble. With wood fences, you need to do a lot of measuring, drilling, digging, bracing, and securing. With plastic fencing systems, installation is not easier and more efficient with slots and holes already in place.
  4. You can get a warranty on a plastic fence. You can’t get a warranty on a wooden fence. Wood is wood and it’ll decay when it decays without the proper repairs and maintenance. But plastic fencing systems can come with a warranty when you use the right company. For instance, Bedford Technology offers a 50-year warranty on plastic high density polyethylene plastic fencing.

Looking for polywood lumber for plastic fencing systems?

You need a fence to stay in good shape for years without having to worry about repair costs and maintenance. But wood only needs three things to rot: oxygen, water, and temperature between 40 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Polywood lumber can give you the recycled plastic fencing you need to put maintenance costs to rest. To learn more about polywood lumber and how our recycled plastic building materials work to create plastic wood fences and more, contact Bedford Technology today.